Diablo Young Naturalists

Purpose of Diablo Young Naturalists

The purpose of the Mount Diablo Bird Alliance Diablo Young Naturalists is to reach out to young people and their families to encourage curiosity and love of nature, share great experiences outdoors, and help them take positive action to protect and restore the wildlife, habitats and planet we depend on. We want to help make outdoor information and fun experiences more accessible using pop-up tabling and social media to being with. As the program develops, we’d like to facilitate connections between young people so they can grow a community of their peers that shares interests, loves nature, has fun outdoors and can take action to help our planet.

What Do Diablo Young Naturalists Do?

In Spring 2024 we have started pop-up tabling events at popular regional trailheads, nature parks, and urban parks to raise awareness of the group and make connections in the local community. We share information on trails, have materials that let young people and their families see and learn about birds, and let people know how to stay informed about our activities. Basically, we go to where people are and show them the birds and the natural world already around them.

Perhaps just as important is our Instagram account. Social media is one of the best ways to make connections with young people, so we post regular videos on experiences in nature, recommendations on places to go and what to do, how young people can get involved in conservation, and details on our tabling evets.

What Do I Need To Do to Participate?

The best way to stay in touch with the group is to follow our Instagram account, ‘Diablo Young Naturalists’. There we post regular updates about experiences in nature and details about our events and partner events. At this time there’s no regular calendar of events, but as the program develops, we hope to build a community of young people that can do regular outings and communicate amongst themselves about nature, fun outdoor experiences and ways to help birds, their habitats, and other wildlife and native plants. So just follow our ‘Diablo Young Naturalists’ IG account to get in touch!