California Bluebird Recovery Program

California Bluebird Recovery Program

Bluebirds! They carry the blue of the sky on their backs but they, like many other secondary-cavity nesters, lost much of their natural nesting habitat. Bluebirds and other species of cavity nesting birds need our help through restoring spaces for their nesting and conservation. With that goal in mind, the California Bluebird ­Recovery Program (CBRP) has undertaken a nest box program to help the secondary-cavity nesting birds. Since 1994 CBRP nest box monitors have installed and monitored thousands of nest boxes with astounding results.

Monitoring your own Bluebird Trail is conservation in action and Citizen Science. It’s rewarding, fun and a way to connect with Nature in ways that will never cease to amaze you. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a nest box monitor, CBRP will provide you with the training and resources you’ll need to get started plus give you ongoing support.

To find out how-to-adopt or start your own Bluebird Nest Box trail or simply have a box or two installed in your backyard, please, contact Georgette Howington (Contra Costa and Alameda Counties Coordinator) at .

For other inquiries regarding CBRP, you can contact:

Dick Blaine, Program Director
22284 N De Anza Cir
Cupertino, CA 95014