Connecting People with Nature

Connecting People With Nature is a collaboration of individuals with a variety of skills and knowledge which makes getting things done very easy.

The program has been going on since the early 1990s, with our main projects at present being the construction and monitoring of Wood Duck and Barn Owl nest boxes in the MDAS area. Even though it has been said that most birders are not too interested in bird housing, but only enjoy bird watching, some of our members recognize that our rapidly urbanizing region has removed many natural nesting sites.

In addition, invasive exotic species such as European starlings can take over any remaining natural nesting cavities, and it was this displacement of Western bluebirds that prompted the California Bluebird Recovery Program, which is supported by our program. We helped collect boards, cut them up, made dedicated bluebird nest boxes and started bluebird monitoring trails to begin the recovery of our bluebird populations.

To join in one of the current projects, please contact for additional information on how to participate in upcoming activities.