Real Climate Solutions


Climate change may be the most important issue that we can address today to ensure the robust survival of humans and birds. It can be difficult to imagine ways that one individual can make a difference in solving this. But like all large problems, the final solutions are made up of many individual actions that move toward the final goal. MDAS Conservation Chair Juan Pablo Galván Martínez writes about this in each monthly issue of the MDAS newsletter The Quail. Juan Pablo’s urgent messages and practical suggestions are sure to educate and inspire. We’ve collected some of his articles for reading below.

Warmer Is the New Normal
June 2021

You might have noticed that the hills in the East Bay were already pretty brown by late April. A drought emergency has recently been expanded to Contra Costa, Alameda, Napa, and Solano counties (Sonoma already had a declaration). One-third of California is now under an official drought emergency. This is directly tied to climate change and the emission of heat-trapping gases like CO2, methane, and others. Read complete article

It’s a Dry Spring
May 2021

It’s another dry year in California. Spring wildflowers are out, but the lack of rain has impacted them. Without massive action on climate change right now, things will get hotter and dryer. Want Concord to feel like Bakersfield in 60 years? What about Bakersfield feeling like Yuma, AZ? Mobilize your communities, all of them, to act effectively on climate and prevent a hotter, drier future. Read complete article

Got Hope on Climate Change?
April 2021

It’s great that there are actual classes led by experts in the field about how to effectively communicate and take action on climate change. Check out some new ideas on how to most effectively make a difference. Read complete article

Making Things Better on Climate Change
March 2021

By acting on climate change, you’re taking positive action on many other issues you want to change for the better: from data privacy and taxes to cleaner water and reduced fire risk. Read complete article

On Climate Change, To Quote Star Wars, There’s “A New Hope”
February 2021

Things are different in a lot of ways from a few months ago. Whereas before it was impossible, now there’s a real chance for significant positive action on climate change. But everyone, at all levels, will need to be involved. Read complete article

We Have a Chance to Avoid the Worst of Catastrophic Climate Change
January 2021/December 2020

The question is, will we seize this chance? It won’t be easy, but the alternative is utter disaster. Look into the most effective ways you can avert climate catastrophe. Read complete article

Climate Change—Hold Your Breath
November 2020

In about a week we will be witnessing what could be a huge turning point in the global response to climate catastrophe. Things could get better, or they could get much, much worse. Either way, there are many important things you, your friends, family, and neighbors can do right now to avoid a far hotter, drier, fire-filled future. Read complete article

Watch a presentation HERE on the most impactful climate solutions you can be a part of and how Contra Costa birds are affected by climate change.

To accompany this talk, Juan Pablo made a brief document HERE of straightforward information to take effective action in your community. It has everything covered in the presentation, from one of the most important climate solutions, a climate-friendly diet (HERE), to ways you can get money to make your house green and climate friendly (HERE).

Please also take the very brief survey linked at the top of the document so we can improve our talk. An older presentation (before the catastrophic 2020 fires) is HERE, which gives a greater overview of the underlying causes of climate change.

“Wasting food, from the scraps you throw in the garbage to the perfectly edible fruits and vegetables farmers never even send to the grocery store, to the overstock that stores throw away, food waste is a major driver of climate change.”


Juan Pablo Galván Martínez
The Quail – May 2021

“Normalizing concern for climate change is part of the work toward climate change solutions. One of the best ways we can normalize our concern is by talking about it with friends, family, and colleagues.”


Juan Pablo Galván Martínez
The Quail – April 2021

“What percent of people in the US think global warming is happening? Would you be surprised if the answer were 72%?”


Juan Pablo Galván Martínez
The Quail – April 2021