Bald Eagles by Sharon Anderson, First Place, Birds in Action, 2023

MDBA 2024 Photo Contest Official Rules


To promote interest, protection and preservation of birds, and to encourage nature photography and
enjoyment of our natural wonders, Mount Diablo Bird Alliance hosts its 2024 photography competition.


Entry is open to MDAS members (membership not required for “Youth” category). Non-members may join at the MDAS Membership page.

Entry Period:
February 14, 2024 – May 15, 2024
All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on May 15, 2024
Presentation/Awards: June 2024 at the June Members’ Meeting


ADULT: Mt. Diablo Bird Alliance members who are 18 and over can submit one photograph per category in the first 5 categories below.

  1. Bird Beauty: Close-up/Abstract/Focus on Color etc. not fitting into the other main categories.
  2. Birds and Humans: Urban birds, birds on structures, birds and birders, etc. (no pet birds please).
  3. Birds in action: Flight, fight, or just having a bath, for example.
  4. Birds Dining: Birds eating seeds, nectar, berries, insects, or vertebrates.
  5. Worst Bird Shot! The one that got away! The one that photobombed! The one that is comically
    blurry. Some identifiable part of the bird must appear in the frame.
  6. YOUTH: Youth under age 18 are encouraged to submit their three best photos. Membership not required.

Entry is open to MDBA members (except Youth category open to all). Non-members may join the MDAS Membership page.

Entry is by email only; ONE PHOTO SUBMISSION PER EMAIL. If you have submissions in multiple categories, you must send separate emails. Batched emails will be returned.

Send photos to .

Include with DIVISON_CATEGORY_YOUR LAST NAME in subject line:

Entry Must Include:
Your photo must be sent as an attachment with the following information in body of email:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Division (Adult, Youth): Category (which of 1-6 above)
  3. Bird Species
  4. Place photo was taken (as much detail as possible, but County, State, Country is sufficient)
  5. Date photo was taken


Willow Smith
Adult: Birds in Action
Western bluebird
Borges Ranch, Walnut Creek, CA


Photos must be saved in JPEG or PNG format.

Photos must be no larger than 35 MB, and no smaller than 300 KB. Photos outside of these limits will be automatically disqualified. Please check your photo file size.

Some normal processing of original file is acceptable. Examples of ineligible photographs include frame stacking, stitched panoramic, photos that have been heavily manipulated.

Photos with borders/signatures/watermarks will be automatically disqualified.

You will receive an auto-generated response once we are in receipt of your email submission. The MDBA email is not monitored daily; please do not contact contest administrator or judges to confirm submission. Someone will reach out to you if there is an issue with your submission. If you have a question, please allow three to four days for a response.

A panel of three judges plus contest administrators will meet to determine winners in each category. Judges are ineligible to enter. Panel will select top three-to-five (including winner) to be shown via slide show at the June 2024 MDBA membership meeting. Winners in each category will receive a prize. No entrant may win more than one prize. Winning photographs will also be featured on MDBA social media sites, in The Quail, and on our website Check out our 2023 Photo Contest Winners!

Important Considerations:

Ethical Bird Photography In the spirit of appreciating without disturbing or harming birds, MDBA advocates for ethical bird photography. Examples include not getting close to nests or nesting birds and chicks, not using a flash especially when photographing nocturnal birds, not baiting, and no drones.

By entering, photographers are:
1. Representing that they are the sole and exclusive author and owner of the photograph.
2. Irrevocably granting Mount Diablo Bird Alliance non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to use the photograph in any manner.

2023 Photo Contest Winners